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Sioux Falls-based EPI Investigations and Risk Management uses Converus EyeDetect® a scientifically validated lie detection system.

EyeDetect detects deception by measuring involuntary eye behavior. It is fast, accurate, affordable, noncontact, scalable, and fully automated option to polygraph. EyeDetect is the world’s first automated lie detector, making the testing process impartial, accurate, and less intrusive (than a traditional polygraph). It assesses credibility by monitoring and recording ocular activity.


EPI Investigations uses EyeDetect product line for screening and investigations to help protect our business, legal and insurance clients from corruption, crime and threats.


How EyeDetect Works:

1. Examinee takes a 15-30 minute true/false or yes or no test.

2. Data are captured, encrypted and uploaded to a secure server in the cloud.

3. Proprietary algorithms prove a credible or deceptive score in less than 5 minute. 


EPI uses EyeDetect in the following ways:     

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace

  • Robbery, burglary

  • Illegal drug use

  • Fraud

  • Insurance claims

  • Embezzlement

  • Drug trafficking

  • Stealing confidential

  • Information

  • Infidelity

  • Pre-employment screening*

  • And more

Polygraph Expert Summarizes EyeDetect's Benefits 
The New Lie Detector: An Automated Polygraph
The Converus Eye Detect Lie Detector user interface. A window with the subjects eyes and the measurements below.
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