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A Practical Alternative to Carrying a Firearm

The fact is, some people are simply not comfortable carrying a gun for personal defense. What is more, spending very little time on the range or lacking professional instruction can lead to a greater chance that a firearm may be more of a liability than a lifesaver for many people.

A personal self defense option for those who choose not carry a firearm is the collapsible baton. This is a primarily non-lethal weapon often used by law enforcement when a threat does not constitute deadly force.

The collapsible baton opens easily with the flick of the wrist and can be used to strike an attacker on flesh or bone. The results of the strike causes excruciating pain for the assailant and gives you time to escape danger. This weapon can also be used to block an attacker's strike, and with expert training, the user can develop even more effective techniques to use this weapon for self defense.

A black collapsible baton being held in a man's hand

The collapsible baton is an affordable and effective, thus practical alternative, for those who do not wish to carry a firearm for self defense.

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