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Covert Surveillance...Not Just for Spies

In television and movies, spies are often seen sitting in front of monitors in customized delivery vans disguised as flower delivery services or some other business. These TV and movie spies always have hidden cameras located throughout the Subject's house and yard (a/k/a the villain under surveillance), operatives dressed as mailmen, electricians, or like the ultimate super-spy, James Bond, a tailored tuxedo.

Although I know that this sort of cover surveillance does happen, a private detective performs the vital task of surveillance with much more practical methods...and without the benefit of government surveillance satellites.

Our detective agency utilizes passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and vans, alternating them in order to avoid detection during surveillance activities. For situations where a vehicle is not effective, EPI investigators incorporate creative methods to get results like disguises, hidden cameras, and camouflage, which I have to admit, makes me feel a little like super least until I get a text from my wife asking me to pick up something from the grocery store after my days' surveillance has ended.

It is very important to note that while conducting covert surveillance, EPI investigators are careful to never trespass or break any harassment or anti-stalking laws. Again, the media shows the spy often breaking in to their Subject's lair or mansion to plant cameras and listening devises or stealing something vital to national security from a laser protected vault.

The role of a private investigator when conducting surveillance is to gather time-stamped video and photo documentation in cases of workers' compensation fraud, personal injury, child custody, and various forms of fraud. No thwarting villains, diverting a global disaster or uncovering a plot to overthrow a country. EPI's job is simple, but still vital. If covert surveillance is not just for spies. It's is an investigative method that will help your case, call 605-759-8778 and allow us to better understand your surveillance needs.

James Bond played by  Daniel Craig standing in front of a car in a cloudy day in the hills of the English country side

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