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How to Prepare Your Business for an Active Shooter

Although the chances of your workplace being targeted by an Active Shooter is slim, preparing for the possibility of a gun related assault takes only minutes and has the potential to save lives.

1. RUN

At the first sign of an Active Shooter scenario…

  • Know your points of escape closest to your work station

  • Always leave your belonging behind

  • Help others escape if possible

  • Keep your hands visible. Do not carry any items in your hands that could be mistaken for a firearm

  • Call 911 when in a safe location


If the Shooter is blocking your means of escape…

  • Know several possible hiding places

  • Try to find rooms with solid core doors and no windows

  • Lock the door if possible

  • Block the entry with furniture or other heavy items

  • Hide behind large objects

  • Remain very quiet

  • Silence your cell phone


As a last result and only when your life or the life of a co-worker is in danger…

  • Throw improvised weapons at the shooter (chairs, staplers, etc.)

  • Commit to taking the shooter down alone or as a group

  • Act with extreme physical aggression


  • 44% of Active Shooters target businesses

  • 94% of Active Shooters are male

  • Majority of Active Shooters are familiar with their surroundings

  • 62% of Active Shooters have a mental illness and 56% have discussed the attack

  • When First Responders arrive, they are not there to tend to the injured. They are there to neutralize the threat

  • Keep your hands in the air at all times when confronted by a First Responder

  • Help for the injured is on the way

EPI provides Active Shooter Preparedness Training free of charge to any business or organization. For more information contact Nate Fredrickson: 605-601-4657 or

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