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Introducing The Church Sentinel Program

Paravel Risk Management is now training church leaders and volunteers in the best practices of church security. We offer practical and effective church security protocols and procedures to mitigate potential threats from both external and internal sources. The Sentinel Security Training program is specifically designed to equip volunteers with essential skills such as conflict resolution, active shooter response, and situational awareness, thereby enhancing the overall safety and security of the church community.

Every time people gather for worship, there are safety and security concerns. The Sentinel Security Team members will consist of well trained volunteers who will monitor all activity in and around the church each Sunday (and during special events, if required). The Sentinels will be the first ministry team to arrive and the last to leave, insuring all worshippers have arrived and departed safely. The Sentinel’s role is to “observe and report” any suspicious activity. Its primary objective is to identify and mitigate potential risk before its becomes a legitimate threat.

Sentinels will be equipped to address:

  • Physical Health Issues

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Accidents

  • Child Safety

  • Relational Conflict

The protocols and procedures provided herein are designed to equip leaders and volunteers on how best to protect our church family.

EPI Investigations & Risk Management is committed to providing this training to churches no matter how small. There is no cost for this training to small and startup churches (a free-will offering is appreciated, but not required). To discover more information on you can protect your church family, call us today: 605-601-4657 or email:

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