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Is He Too Good To Be True?

He's charming, takes you to nice restaurants and seems to be everything you are looking for in a long-term relationship. Note: for the purposes of clarity, I am writing this article to a female audience. The same information below applies to men as well.

Before you become too invested in the relationship, it may be a good idea to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are things are moving lightning fast?

  2. Is he overly protective of his phone?

  3. Is he remarkably confident in all things he says and does?

  4. Is he is agreeable to everything you suggest?

  5. Does he seem to be lacking any flaws?

  6. Finally....Is your intuition telling you that your falling too hard too fast?

If you can answer three or more of these questions, it may be a wise course of action to run a background check on your dream guy. There are several reputable online companies that can perform a background check like, and These sites and others like them will offer a great deal of insight into the person you are dating. Unfortunately, in South Dakota, criminal and civil records are not available to these companies and must be collected in person or with the assistance of a private investigator.

If he or she may be Too Good To Be True, contact me for a no-cost consult on performing a background check: (605) 759-8778

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