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Situational Awareness: A Brief Introduction and a Real Life Example of Cooper's Color Code

Col. Jeff Cooper developed one of the most effective visual tools for maintaining the proper situational awareness. It's called Cooper's Color Code and here is a brief introduction using a real life scenario:

  1. White - Walking to your car at night, eyes on phone texting a friend, completely unaware of your surroundings.

  2. Yellow - Walking to your car at night, phone in pocket, watching for traffic, scanning your surroundings.

  3. Orange - Walking to your car at night, you see a man lingering near your car, you reach in to your pocket and pull out your keys...placing a key between each knuckle.

  4. Red - Walking to your car, man lingering begins to walk towards you, he intends to do you harm, you strike the man with the end of the keys you have securely placed between each knuckle, he is incapacitated, you immediately get in your car and drive away and call 911

  5. Black - Walking to your car at night, eyes on phone texting a friend, you are completely surprised by the man lingering next to your car that you didn't notice.

An image of Cooper's Color Code. It's a box with colors that correlate with increased awareness to one's surroundings. At the top, white = oblivious, next yellow = aware, then orange = alert, lastly at the bottom is red which symbolizes engaged.

For more information about Cooper's Color Code and Situational Awareness Training for your business email or call me today or call (605) 759-8778.

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