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About EPI Investigations & Risk Management

EPI is a Sioux Falls, SD-based private investigative and risk management agency owned by Nathan Fredrickson. EPI’s focus is on serving the investigative and risk management needs of businesses, attorneys and insurance companies. 


EPI’s practice areas include:

  • Covert Surveillance - For work comp, FMLA and business fraud cases

  • Business Investigations - Performing background research on potential employees, partners and investors. EPI also provides workers’ compensation management and investigations

  • Training - Providing comprehensive training in active shooter preparedness, de escalating workplace violence, situational awareness and disaster preparedness

  • Hostile Threat Mitigation & Response - Assessing potential threats from employees, vendors and clients and developing a strategic plan for addressing the threat

  • Criminal Investigations - Assisting defense attorneys in thoroughly investigating alleged criminal activity in order to ensure the best defense for the accused 


Nate Fredrickson is the investigator principal at EPI Investigations & Risk Management based in Sioux Falls, SD. His scope of of investigative service includes corporate fraud and background investigations, covert surveillance, risk management, OSHA compliance, and training in the areas of disaster preparedness, active shooter preparedness, situational awareness and de escalation of workplace violence.


Before founding EPI, Nate worked for a multi-national corporation as risk manager and special projects director where he reformed and administered its risk management program (investigating thousands of insurance claims), provided oversight and support for new government contracts, and conducted background research and strategic planning.


Nate is married with two adult children and three grandchildren. His daughter, a former Marine MP, joined the firm in 2021 as a data analyst and researcher.