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Business, Attorney and Insurance

EPI works with insurance companies and attorneys to reduce the impact of fraud, theft and other threats to your business or organization. EPI provides important intelligence through surveillance, witness interviewing, and deep dive investigations.  We always comply with state and federal laws and utilize various, time-tested methods for collecting the intelligence you are searching for in an ethical and effective manner. 

Covert Surveillance

Work Comp, Disability, Fraud

Covert Surveillance is most often used for work comp, FMLA and business fraud investigations. EPI employs covert surveillance operatives with advanced training and experience in the field.

EPI utilizes passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and vans, alternating them in order to avoid detection during surveillance activities. For situations where a vehicle is not effective, EPI investigators incorporate creative methods to get results like disguises, hidden cameras, and camouflage.


While conducting covert surveillance, EPI investigators are careful to never trespass or break any harassment or anti-stalking laws.


All surveillance reports contain time-stamped video and photo documentation and a meticulously detailed account of the surveillance activities.

Risk Management

EPI assists our clients with comprehensive workplace safety procedures, managing OSHA, investigating work comp and injury claims, and providing comprehensive safety training.

Work Comp Case Management, OSHA Compliance, Active Shooter Training

Lie Detection

Converys Eye Detect: The Most Advanced Lie Detector. 

Find the truth. Reduce risk. Save time. Spend less. EPI Investigations and Risk Management uses Converus EyeDetect® a scientifically validated lie detection system.

EyeDetect detects deception by measuring involuntary eye behavior. It is fast, accurate, affordable, noncontact, scalable, and fully automated option to polygraph. EyeDetect is the world’s first automated lie detector, making the testing process impartial, accurate, and less intrusive (than a traditional polygraph). It assesses credibility by monitoring and recording ocular activity.


EPI Investigations uses EyeDetect product line for screening and investigations to help protect our business, legal and insurance clients from corruption, crime and threats. Learn more here.

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