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Defending Families Through Investigation

Often, when we imagine the typical day of a private investigator, it includes following a spouse suspected of cheating and photographing the wayward husband or wife in a compromising position. In reality, private investigators are often more involved after the divorce has occurred and legal agreements have been made as they relate to assets....and more importantly....the dependent children.

Investigating potential infidelity may provide evidence of what the concerned spouse already knows, but desires to verify. Post-divorce investigations ensure that both parties are meeting their financial obligations and providing a caring and safe environment for their shared children.

When suspicions of financial dishonestly or child neglect become a concern, a qualified and experienced private investigator can help defend families through investigation in several ways, including:

  • Discovering Hidden Assets

  • Documenting Substance Abuse

  • Documenting Child Neglect/Abuse

  • Cohabitation Verification

  • Detecting Listening Devices

  • Deep Dive Criminal/Civil Backgrounds

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Investigating Known Associates

EPI Investigations has conducted numerous investigations, with the objective of supporting spouses, their children and family law attorneys to ensure financial transparency and the well being of the children.

For more information, contact : (605) 759-8778 or email me for a no obligation consult.

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